Scrap Metal Bought for Cash in Chester

As a family run business that has operated in Chester since 1970, Greengate Metals has the Chester community at the heart of its operations. The wide variety of old metal that can be found in Chester has already made many people in the local area  a huge amount of money. 

Our cash-for-metal scheme allows us to buy your old scrap from you, whilst giving you a great financial return, with minimum stress. It is not unknown for a client in Chester to bring in their old metal to us, and have left with a pocketful of cash, within ten minutes. 

Scrap Metal Bought in Chester

A visit to our Chester branch should show to you just how financially rewarding getting rid of your old scrap metal could be. As metal has many different functions and uses, it is more than likely that your old metal has a use to somebody else. Take a look at our website to see the great prices we offer for old scrap in Chester.

Cars Bought for Scrap in Chester

As cars are large and made of numerous materials, they can still be of great worth even after they have stopped working. If you have an old car in Chester that you no longer use, you can still make a good return from it by selling it to us as scrap. We offer great prices for old cars in Chester. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you with your old car.

Our Scrap Yard is based in Manchester

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