Scrap Metal Bought for Cash Leyland

At our site in Middleton, Greengate Metals process much ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, and we are happy to offer you a guarantee that we will exchange your unprocessed scrap for more money than any other yard (terms and conditions apply). A family run company that was established in 1970, we are staffed by experienced, friendly people and are proud to take your unwanted scrap metal off your hands for top prices while providing excellent service. We deal with industrial, commercial or household scrap and can arrange next day collection if you have a large amount of scrap. Our prices are listed on our website for you to browse, or you can call or email us for a quote. Alternatively, you can come straight to our yard with your scrap and leave today with a cash in hand payment. Please contact us if you have any unwanted metal and live in the Leyland area. You may be pleasantly surprised to find how much we can give you!

Scrap Metal Bought in Leyland

Metal of all shapes and sizes is valuable as scrap, and you may not realise how much that you no longer need you have in your home or business. If you find that this is the case for you, please get in touch and we will offer you an easy service that makes it rewarding for you to sell on your unwanted metal as scrap. We value our customers and aim to return as much to your pocket as we can, and we are so convinced that our prices are unbeatable that we have listed them on our website so that you can see for yourself. We also aim to provide you with the best possible service, so that you can sell your scrap quickly and easily in an efficient transaction, and because we are local we can take scrap metal off your hands right away. This will allow you to work or live in a clutter-free environment and come away with money to show for it. It is because of our committment to our customers that we offer payment cash in hand, so that you can enjoy a swift transaction that is favourable to you.

Cars Bought for Scrap in Leyland

We also take your unused or unwanted cars. These can be very valuable as scrap, and so we can turn your old car into a very reasonable price for you. Again, we offer payment cash in hand for your convenience, and for your peace of mind make great effort to keep you informed and aware throughout the process. We keep to all government standards and dispose of or recycle cars in an environmentally friendly way, while you leave our scrapyard with money in your pocket today.

Our Scrap Yard is based in Manchester

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