Scrap Metal Bought for Cash in Preston

Greengate Metals is a family run business that has offered great prices to customers in Preston for their scrap since 1970. We are committed to providing our customers in Preston with unbeatable prices, and the most easy and efficient service possible. We aim to take your scrap off your hands and give you a great return for it really quickly, and so we offer a cash in hand service to our customers in Preston. This is part of our wider committment to serving the Preston community impeccably.

Scrap Metal Bought in Preston

Greengate Metals has operated for a number of decades, and so has been able to establish a wide and reliable network of scrap dealers and buyers. As such, we have a need for a great variety of scrap. If you don't want it anymore, there's a good chance that somebody else still has some need for it. A phonecall or a visit to our Preston branch could prove to be a hugely rewarding endeavour.

Cars Bought for Scrap in Preston

Cars are big and made of a number of different materials. Therefore, they provide a huge amount of scrap. If you have an old car in Preston that you no longer want or need, it makes a lot of sense to sell it on so that other people can make use of it. Greengate Metals offers a great price for scrap cars. To see just how much we can offer you for your old car in Preston, get in touch with us today.


Our Scrap Yard is based in Manchester

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