Scrap Metal Bought for Cash Swinton


If you live in the Swinton area and you have some scrap metal and cash then here at Greengate Metals we can provide you with easy cash for your scraps. We have 70 years in the business and therefore have all the experience and more needed to get you the best deal possible. Just simply bring in any scrap metal or scrap cars that you own and we can give you cash in hand right away. All of our current prices are available online. We do this because we are confident in these prices. If you are interested and are in the Swinton area, check out how much you can get for your scrap metal or scrap cars right away!


Scrap Metal Bought in Swinton

Seven decades in the scrap metal business means that we know exactly what we’re doing when it comes to scrap metal. We can work with any sort of client, from domestic to big businesses, we have experience with all kinds of metal.


Cars bought for Scrap in Swinton

Another way to earn fast cash is to trade in your scrap cars for cash. Again this is very simple and can be done for cash in hand. 70 years in the business makes sure that we get you the best deals combined with the best customer service.


Due to the recycling of the scrap metal and cars you bring in, our business is very environmentally friendly and we pride ourselves on this. If you are from the Swinton area, please feel free to browse our website some more and contact us via email, telephone or by visiting our scrap yard. 

Our Scrap Yard is based in Manchester

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