Scrap Metal Bought for Cash Middleton

Greengate Metals is a company that works around Middleton and other areas of Greater Manchester to provide residents the best value for their scrap metal. We are also a family owned business and can boast a staggering 40 years in the business, meaning we are extremely experienced and know to provide the best for our customers. We buy a wide variety of metals, which means we can help you out right away and give you cash for you to spend that very day. It does not matter who you are, corporate company or single client, we will work our very hardest to make sure that you get the most you can from dealing with us.

Scrap Metal Bought in Middleton

The cash in hand service we offer places us miles ahead of the crowd because we can provide a smooth and speedy transaction for our clients. As we display our prices online, clients can see for themselves our fantastic deals. We are confident to display our prices online like us because, unlike other companies, we know we are one of the best out there and provide fabulous deals to please our customers.

Cars bought for Scrap in Middleton

If you currently own a car that you no longer use and if it is slowly collecting dust, we are also more than happy to take this off your hands, again providing cash in hand. This easy way to gain cash is fantastic for people who just want a simple and quick way to have a little more in their back pocket. We make sure that we scrap our cars to government standards too, so we can be trusted to give everyone the best outcome.

Scrap for Cash in Middleton

We would be very pleased to help you with your scrap metal today, so please feel free to contact us. As a friendly and reliable business, we value our customers as highly important and will always be willing to provide you with everything you need. We like to think we are environmentally friendly too, given all the recycling we do, so you can rest assured that nobody loses out in this great situation.

Our Scrap Yard is based in Manchester

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