Scrap Metal Bought for Cash Ramsbottom


Scrap Metal Bought for Cash Ramsbottom


Money exchanged for scrap metal or scrap cars (or even both!) is what Greengate Metals are all about. Working with a wide range of metals, we can more than likely give you a good amount of cash for your metal today. Please contact us if you live in the Ramsbottom area as we work across Great Manchester and the North West and therefore would be interested in your custom. Also, check out our prices online, you may be pleasantly surprised at how much we can give you.


Scrap Metal Bought in Ramsbottom

Our cash in hand service makes dealing with us simple and efficient, alongside our decades in the business. We like to think that we are a great company to trade your scrap metal with, with fast service, masses of experience and a friendly service.


Cars bought for Scrap in Ramsbottom

Another bonus is the fact that we also take scrap cars… again, cash in hand! Got a scrap car or know someone with one in the Ramsbottom area? Come visit us or tell your friends. We can give great deals for these kinds of cars.


Scrap for Cash in Ramsbottom

Service with a smile, experience, good deals… we are a company that makes selling your scrap metal or scrap cars pleasant and positive. We are interested in those in the Ramsbottom area so please don’t hesitate to come along today.

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Our Scrap Yard is based in Manchester

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