Scrap Metal Bought in Trafford | Car Scrappage

Scrap Metal Bought for Cash in Trafford

Greengate Metals is a family owned business that has worked in and around Trafford for the past seventy years, offering great prices for scrap to residents of Trafford. We deal with a vast and diverse range of scrap materials, from huge amounts of industrial waste, to simple household items that are no longer wanted or needed.

Scrap Metal Bought in Trafford

Our commitment to providing excellent customer service to our customers in Trafford means that we also offer a cash-in-hand service.  This is to make the process of transaction quicker and more efficient for you.

On top of this, we also display all of our prices on our website for you to see. This is because we are so confident that we offer the best prices for scrap in Trafford (terms and conditions apply).

Cars Bought for Scrap in Trafford

Once a car stops working, it doesn’t stop being profitable for you. Old cars can be hugely financially rewarding if you sell them for scrap. We buy old cars that you no longer want or need, and offer you fantastic prices for it. We strive to make your life that bit easier. Let us take that car off your hands, and convert it into cash for you.

We abide by government standards when dealing with all scrap cars, and so you can be sure that we offer a genuine service to our customers in Trafford.

Scrap for Cash in Trafford

We hold green issues in high regard, and strive to make sure that our operations do not leave a negative impact on the earth. We run a recycling system, disposing of huge amounts of products conscientiously and carefully.

We are confident that we offer the best prices and services to clients in Trafford. Get in touch today to see how our friendly and approachable team can help you.


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