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Scrap Metal Trade Prices 2024 Manchester - Business only rates, Scrap Yard Manchester

Scrap Metal For Trades People and Corporations - Manchester

Greengate Metals are proud to develop strong and long lasting relationships with tradespeople and corporations. We're already so confident that our prices are the best around that we put them on our website, however, we can offer even better prices to repeat customers with large amounts of scrap metal.

Best Deals on Large Quantities of Scrap Metal

If you have a large value of scrap metal then get in touch we will be able to assess your metal and offer you the best price possible for your scrap that you won't find anywhere else.

For large quantities Greengate Metals are able to arrange for a skip service for you to collect your scrap metal. We will deliver and collect the skip once it's full.

Best Prices Offered for Regular Customers

If you or your business has scrap metal which you would regularly depose of then please get in touch. We are always looking to come to agreements with our repeat customers and make sure that they get the best price for their scrap metal

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Alluminium Prices

Price (£/KG) Date Updated Examples
Aluminium £0.70*

Brass Prices

Price (£/KG) Date Updated Examples
Brass £4.00*
316 stainless turnings £1.20*

Cable Prices

Price (£/KG) Date Updated Examples
Bright Copper Wire £7.00*
PVC Wire £2.10*
Low Grade Cable £1.20*
High Grade PVC wire £2.20*
Light Iron £0.125*

Copper Prices

Price (£/KG) Date Updated Examples
Heavy Copper £6.50*
Braziery Copper £5.80*
Copper Tanks £6.00*
Foamy Tanks and Lead Wash Copper £3.60*
aluminium turnings £0.30*
Motors £0.40*
Stainless steel turnings £0.55*

Stainless Steel Prices

Price (£/KG) Date Updated Examples
Lead £1.30*
heavy steel and cast iron £0.180*
316 Stainless Steel £1.40*
Stainless Steel £0.60*
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